There is no substitute for the care and quality service you will receive when purchasing an Always & Forever Bridal House Gown.  If you purchase online, there is no way for you to guarantee that you are buying an Authentic Designer Gown. If you purchase online, you are taking a huge risk that you may not receive the dress of your dreams as pictured on the website. Instead you will be buying a lower quality knock-off that will be a waste of money.

The risk of buying online is that online retailers look at you as a one-time buyer. They do not care about giving you the customer service and quality you deserve. Please be aware that multiple website companies are Fraudulently Selling Bridal, Bridesmaids, Prom and Special Occasion Gowns. They claim to be selling several top brands, however they are in fact not legitimate retail sources. Buying from them is no substitute for the care and quality service you will receive from Always & Forever Bridal House. Buying from an Unauthorized Dealer can Ruin your BiG Event and give you more than you “Bargained” for.

Here are several problems that arise from buying online:

    • Incorrect Style or Size

    • Inferior Quality Design and Materials

    • Wrong or Different Dye Lots

    • Defective Garments

    • Used Garments

Buying online can also have extra expensive “unforeseen” costs such as additional shipping, alteration costs, not receiving your gown, or having to buy replacement gown(s). Many online websites will tell you they have been working with legitimate manufacturers for years and can get you a designer gown for less than the retail price and promise you all kinds of savings. What you don’t getBride is a solution when something is wrong with the fabric, color, size, or when they miss your delivery date. Instead of enjoying your big day, you could be left with the stress and expense of a last minute catastrophe.

Always & Forever Bridal House consultants are professional, knowledgeable and highly trained to sell Authentic Designer Garments. They can provide you with the best knowledge about the necessary size, fit and alternations necessary for your gown to fit you best without spending a fortune. Please advise any potential bride, bridesmaids, mother of the bride, groom, prom or special occasion participants not to order from these sites, as they are putting at risk not only their hard earned money, but most importantly their big day as well.

We believe it is of utmost importance for Always & Forever Bridal House to express to you that we are in no way connected or associated with any of these online companies. We strongly urge you Not To Purchase from any Unauthorized Websites.
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